Rainy Day Tryptych

The other day we had a rainy day that was quite wonderful–it was a brief reprieve from the stark cold we’ve been having lately as winter starts to take over from fall. This rainy day, though, was kind of balmy–with that wonderful moisture in the air that can’t decide whether it’s hot or cold. It felt like a strange mix between a fall and spring day.

It’s no secret that I’m a plant nerd–and I was enjoying an aspect of trees and fall that often doesn’t get coverage–the joy of fall leaves in rain. When leaves are fresh, before they’ve dried up into giant piles or become mangled by passersby, they lie flat and retain their color, and collect beads of moisture as the rain hits them. I took three photographs of the sidewalk under three street trees of the same species, admiring the colors, the patterns and the density.


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