Random Acts of Kindness and the Joy of Having Just Enough

In last week’s New York Times was a lovely article about a practice in Naples that has spread—that of buying an extra coffee in the coffee shop and leaving it for a stranger who will come in later.

I love finding these little ‘pay it forward’ moments. It’s a tiny statement of feeling that you have enough. Being satisfied with your lot enough that you are willing to give to someone you’ll never meet. In this age ‘surplus’ time and money means waste—I remember learning about the concept of leverage in my first real estate class. The more we could leverage our money, the more money it could make for us per unit time (if all went well. The recession was proof that it doesn’t always go well.)

Sometimes we live with what feels like very tight margins and sometimes they are. Even if we can’t totally shift our perspectives to one of ‘enough,’ sometimes living it—through a random act of generosity ‘just because’ helps.

Read the full article here.

photo credit: chichacha.


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