Creative Habits and the Power of Day by Day

I just listened to one of my favorite podcasts, run by Elise Blaha Cripe in which Elise interviews Crystal Moody, an artist who has a daily practice of drawing (she photographs her drawings with her daily breakfast and posts them to instagram which I really love.)

I love the idea of a daily practice. I love allowing yourself to focus on just doing it versus getting it perfect.

This summer I ran my own illustration project. I took an online line drawing class from illustrator Lisa Congdon and I decided to draw a mushroom every day except Saturdays.

It’s been really fun to shop in the supermarket and herb stores and see dried mushrooms and to have learned them first online and in my drawings…..some of them I’ve never even tasted and I plan to do a little culinary get-to-know-you this spring because now I’m so curious.

Even more, its just been great to try out different ways of illustrating, different approaches to line and density, and different lettering styles. It’s also been motivating to see my knowledge of drawing as a craft grow slowly, sometimes in fits and starts, drawing by drawing.

Some days were ugly, some were gorgeous. I pushed myself to experiment with drawing styles that were unlike my typical, fluid organic style, and to experiment with abstraction, which is hard for me. Some days I didn’t feel like drawing, some days I did. I posted these on facebook to keep accountable and it felt good to put my work up even if I wasn’t always in love with it. I have to make things in order to make good things.

Below are the mushrooms from 33 days of drawing in order. These also formed the groundwork for another project I’ve been working on this winter which I’m really excited about, which brings together my passion for ecological knowledge, plants and connection with the outdoors. That one, I’ll write about in a future post…. stay tuned, and in the meantime, its a new year, and perhaps a great time for a daily creative challenge.


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