Resource: Online Magazines Reach their Potential

Most people of course, know Issuu, an online host for documents with an interface that simulates a page flipping. I use Issuu for my design portfolio and Northeastern hosts my Emerging Modes of Architecture Practice research publication on it. I even like the look of feel of Issuu so much that sometimes, when I’m putting together a package of work samples, I’ll screenshot my research document ‘pages’ because it looks nicer than a flat PDF and is a lot easier than setting up a photo shoot of the actual, physical publication.

I just ran across another service that works in that way–it’s called Ready Mag and it seems like a tool that unifies the experience and control of layout programs like Indesign, and the power and interaction of the parallax/interactive page experience.

I found it through viewing this piece on Fashion4Freedom–a social enterprise that works with Vietnamese women to produce high fashion products using traditional techniques. The web publication I stumbled across lays out their story using modern imagery mixed with historic drawings, and maps, linework, information. Its like a beautiful book, with the slightly deconstructed, layered 1980’s/early 90’s look that I’ve loved since I first got interested in graphic design–with an added plus because the content and elements can start to “come off of the page” due to its interactivity. The interface generally scrolls left to right, like a traditional book, but when there’s more information to dig down into you can scroll down. It’s a very spatial and satisfying experience.

I don’t know much about Fashion4Freedom, but their shoes are quite amazing, and I absolutely love the way they are laid out in this publication (pages 9 and on.) Fashion is fickle, and so the ups and downs of tastes in the market are tough for any designer to handle, much less one who is committing to and training a specific workforce–but it seems like there’s promise in the margins of a high end product, especially if you can start to develop a larger market for it and scale it.

Enjoy the eye candy and check out Fashion4Freedom’s product offerings.


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