Sumac in the Snow and Other Winter Plant Moments

I have this thing about plants in the winter and how even though we think of winter as a “plantless” time of year, it’s just when new, wonderful, more subtle aspects of vegetative wonder emerges. I was walking through Harvard’s Science Center Plaza by Stoss this week, and even though I was late to where I was going, I just had to stop to admire the sumac planting. I’ve written about this planting before, and against the backdrop of the snow it was even more gorgeous.

unnamed (10)unnamed (11)

A few of the other great cold weather plant moments I’ve been enjoying this season:

Tiny Tinies and Textures

So to be fair, many of these photos were taken in late fall, which also is a great time for subtle plant fun. Without all the leafy green stuff, the delicate structure of succulents is revealed against bare soil and even the mat texture of this plant (juniper I believe) starts to take more visual dominance.

unnamedunnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

Ground and Pattern

The snow plays with our perception of figure ground and scale in similar ways. I took these photos later on in the season and just loved the figure-ground relationships in both. I just love these awkward ornamental cabbages, and these small, formal evergreen ‘buttons’ were polka-dotted polka dots. How meta.

unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

Space Framing Trees

Trees are gorgeous in the winter. Their ‘bones’ are revealed, and you see get to see their individual ‘personality’ formed from  the combination of their genetics and circumstance. I love it best when they interact with and shape built space.

unnamed (9) unnamed (8)

….and friends….

Not all the great winter outdoors moments are plants, we have a lot of tools in our spatial toolbox. I like wonderful material moments like this one.

unnamed (6)unnamed (7)


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