When an Obsession Goes too Far….and it’s Fabulous

It started a few weeks ago—well, really it started quite a while back. I’ve been thinking and learning a lot about pollinators and backyard wildlife lately. In a recent job, I was charged with designing the plant mix for a salt-tolerant wildflower meadow. It got me thinking a lot about non-human species.

species photo strip
Some Backyard Wildlife of Connecticut.

I followed this interest up with a custom holiday present for my niece and nephew focused on backyard garden pollinators and wildlife…. (more on this to come on the blog) and continued it through independent research and drawing projects on backyard wildlife.

I got excited about the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program which helps residents use simple interventions to turn their backyard into habitat, and has a self-certification program to incentivize making your property part of a larger pro-wildlife movement. I started reading books on bees and other habitat.

So when I had a costume party to go to a this week, the ideas were brewing…. I’d had my eye on the awesome “Queen Bee” look of Missy Elliot in her classic Work It video (that video is piece of art by the way–the movement, the color scheme, the abandoned playground….wow) and the pieces came together.

I didn’t quite have a name for it, so when pressed I came up with “Pollinator Celebrator…” (It didn’t quite describe the birds perfectly, and the butterflies were missing, but sometimes you gotta go with what rhymes.) I didn’t have the bees I’d hoped for (they ended up going to the wrong address, but hey, ants pollinate some plants too!) There was a healthy dose of Lady Gaga-ism, I must say… which I think is important in any costume–or in life maybe? (When my niece was a baby one of her grandmothers and I were severely tempted to dress her up in the cold cuts we were having for lunch, we thought she’d look really cute in her own “Baby Gaga” version of LG’s famous meat dress.)

Missy as Queen Bee in "Work It"
Missy as Queen Bee in “Work It”

I couldn’t find a good way to explain creepy long nails, but sometimes you have to go for the art and take some artistic license.

Anyway, this is one of the the things I love best. Mixing art and science. When nerd and pop culture collide. I call it eco-fabulous.


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