It’s Here, It’s Here!!!!

I was zoning out looking off into the distance… And then I saw it. That look–splotchy yellow against the Boston urban background–like messy dabs of paint. The first blooms of the season.

Witch hazel. This winter has seemed so long. I think we’ve gotten more than 7 feet of snow over the course of this Boston winter? I’ve probably been one of the only people I know who hasn’t minded. I work in a place that gets great light. I’ve been looking out my window onto our sunny, snow-covered frigid days for months.

But blooms. That beautiful beautiful, absolutely gorgeous look of flowers on a bare stem.

There’s a blessing in the Jewish tradition you can say when you see your first flowering for tree of the season. Witch hazel…? Nope, not really a fruit tree. But when I saw those flowers I felt a wordless prayer bubble up of deep gratitude, for the simple joy of being alive.


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