Mood-Enhancing Videos

I am known to be an earnest person.….And sometimes, maybe a little bit too much of a serious, almost literal person. I very easily slip into “Super-serious Mia.”

But it turns out, “Non-super-serious Mia” is just as smart as her serious twin and she’s way more fun to be around. And maybe even, a little bit more creative too.

So what do I do when I need to flip out of serious me zone? Do fun weird things (like fill water guns with margaritas and bring them to parties) and of course, listen to the right music.

Here are three music videos that I love with a passion. They are insane and colorful and hilarious in that really wacky sort of way that I like best.

Move Your Feet-Junior Senior

Great workout song, so can’t beat that. I just love that insane squirrel that wants to blow everything up at the end. I could watch him blow up the dolphins and the tops off of ice cream cones forever.

Sophisticated Side Ponytail-Brite Futures (formerly Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head)

Gabe Fine introduced me to this group and for that I will forever be grateful. They made all their music when they were in high school. The exploding glitter cat at minute 1:30 is my favorite. It occurs to me, as I write this that I may have a thing for explosions.

Dance Thief- Con Bro Chill

These folks are a former boss’s cousins and their friends. Just love the neon. How can you not? This song is also eminently danceable. I highly recommend their other videos as well. Especially the one in which they wear color-coordinated neon leisure shorts suits.

What strange loves spur your creativity?


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