Happy Graphic Accidents & Blog News

I’m working on a project for a client that’s really fun and graphically rich–I’m sure I’ll post some progress and finished work at some point soon–the project is just moving so fast. I usually believe in documenting while doing, but….hey sometimes you can’t live the ideal.

Sometimes, while mapping or rendering, or creating graphics for projects I’ll end up creating an object of beauty by happenstance. These ‘accidents’ trigger something in me aesthetically that I just love and I can see how they can spur other artistic possibilities and spinoffs for them.

Here’s a few images I created recently for this project. Stripped of their contextual information, they read a little bit like a John Cage drawing. I really like them, their proportion, movement, balance and color and I hope you do to.

(click on the images to see close ups.)

Happy Graphic Accident 3-01

Happy Graphic Accident 1-01

Happy Graphic Accident 2-01

On other topics I have two pieces of news:

  1. I will be scaling back my posting on this blog from roughly two posts per week to about one. I started this blog to put into focus some of the things I was learning as I navigated aligning my work more tightly with my values and interests. Happily, this has happened! But now I find myself with a lot more to do, and less time to write about it. Blogging has been invaluable to my process, though (and I’m pretty sure my mental health as well) so I will be continuing to write, just on a lighter schedule. In the coming months you can also look forward to more posts on client work, the things I’ve been getting up to that are keeping me busy.
  2. I am taking a social media fast. This post will go out on twitter automatically, but I am taking a week’s break from actively posting to social media. I used to be a social media hater (“how can you say anything meaningful in 140 characters”) then I became a social media lover (“I can find out the most interesting things directly from the people I find interesting.”) Lately, however, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time on social media, thinking a lot more about my posts and anticipating/waiting for likes. That was the sign that I needed to cut myself off for a while. I love social media, and I’ve connected with some wonderful people and communities with it, but I need a reset.

That’s it for now. See you next week and in the meantime enjoy the eye candy.


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