What’s New: Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture Finalist, Blessing of Busy

The summer is winding down, the fall is getting going. The sound of rustling leaves seem to have intensified–perhaps the leaves are drier as they slowly undergo the transformation that will lead to their vibrantly visible transformation soon–I don’t know.

Its been a busy summer. I’ve been blessed with good, meaningful work–from Made with Love, a ‘cookbook’ of recipes for community change, I dreamed up and produced for a client, to a small branding project for a local organization, to my research on business models of social impact design.

I plan to take a little time “off” next month–although my consulting work is creative and visual, I miss using my hands, making. I plan to take about a week to play with some new materials–plaster, paper pulp, thread and fiber, be in Chicago, where I grew up, and explore some ideas related to the Chicago River, which I’ve been fascinated by. I don’t know what I’ll create (that’s kind of the point) but I hope to take some time for more right brain, less left brain, and let some ideas simmer.

In the meantime, exciting news, my team made it to the finalist round of the Harvard Energy Feedback Sculpture–an interactive installation to be installed next year on Harvard’s campus to reflect freshman energy use and be a motivation for more sustainable living. I’m on the team in particular to work on the community engagement aspect of our proposal and to come from the landscape architecture perspective.


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