Best of the Blog

I blog about design, creativity, entrepreneurship, ecology and social impact. Here’s a curated list of the best of my blog.

The Creative Process & Design Methodologies

Notes on the creative process.
Landscape Design is Experience Design read>>
Experience Design 2: Personas and Archetypes read>>

Creatives & Entrepreneurs

A look behind the curtain with creatives and entrepreneurs from the Creative Somerville Series I curate and more:
Creative Somerville Series: Aeronaut Kicks it off read>>
Sha Hwang: An Architect of Many Thing read>>
Creative Somerville Series: Kate Balug Talks Cities, Sci-Fi, Art & Play read>>

Empowerment and Social Impact

How ‘change is made,’ issues of social equity, inclusion and empowerment.
The Story Behind the Build Yourself+ Workshop read>>
Teaching Innovation. Notes from Speaking at the Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative read>>
Strategic Landscapes: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Health through the Outdoors read>>

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